Welcome WLOTA Lighthouse hunters


The WLOTA program (Old Name : WLH-Award) was created in 1997 by 4 French OM: Bruno F5SKJ, Phil F5OGG, Thierry SWL and Guy F6DGT (Silent Key).

In 2005, New Award with a new team, a major change occurred. The name has been changed to become today's WLOTA. A new staff was composed with F5OGG Phil, F6DGT Guy (Silent Key), F8EZZ Joel, XYL F6DGT Anne Marie (SK), F5JGW Pierrick then the arrival in the following years of F8FJH François, F5DBT Dan, F5IDC Manu. This team today offers you this beautiful program.

W.L.O.T.A. (World Lighthouse On The Air) is an international challenge that consists, globally to establish radio links, with and from the lighthouses in Sea, Rocks and Islands. This is a part of amateur radio activities.

This program is managed by the WLOTA HQ, the WLH-Award Association and in partnership with R.A.F (Radio Amateur France) the French National Association of Hamradio.


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04 March 2022

By obligation we suspend the countries of the Russian Federation from the WLOTA program.

Ukraine is still accepted into the WLOTA program.

Contact with stations in the Russian Federation is no longer accepted since February 25, 2022. This suspension is valid until a complete peace with Ukraine.