WLOTA Merit Award



How is awarded this Diploma :  

This prestigious diploma is awarded to Radioamateurs, associations, clubs and professionals who through their actions have helped WLOTA during the past year.

There is no specific category and the WLOTA HQ attributes this diploma with the information received by the WLOTA Checkpoints.

This diploma is free of charge.


Merit Award








2017-Merit-Diploma    CIS Bapaume - Department 62   

Organization and loan of a

conference room

2017-Merit-Diploma   EA1TX - Karlos    Retweet WLOTA Messages
2017-Merit-Diploma    EC8BO - Francisco   Retweet WLOTA Messages
2017-Merit-Diploma   F6KCE - Club in Department 62  

 WLOTA meeting Organization and

La Louvière 2017


RadioAmateurs France - 

French National Association

   Help to WLOTA
2017-Merit-Diploma   VA3RJ - Dave    WLOTA Information's DX