WLOTA Asia Countries List



 In the Asia continent, there are 598 Lighthouses Islands referenced for the WLOTA program. 


These 598 lighthouses islands are listed in each county below according to 3 categories :


WLOTA easy access : WLOTA in inhabited island

WLOTA difficult access : WLOTA in uninhabited island (or few people only)

WLOTA very difficult access : WLOTA on Rock, reef, detached breakwater or in sea



WLOTA easy access : 243

WLOTA difficult access : 287

WLOTA very difficult access : 68


 The WLOTA Asia diploma is awarded every 50 Lighthouses islands referenced for WLOTA.


Countries List


 * : Is not a Country but just a geographical position in the continent

** : See also Europe Continent


Call      Country
Various   Spratly Islands
3W   Viet Nam
4J-4K   Azerbaijan
4L   Georgia
4S   Sri Lanka
5B-C4-P3   Cyprus
7O   Yemen
8Q   Maldives
9K   Kuwait
9M2, 4   West Malaysia
9V   Singapore
A4   Oman
A6   United Arab Emirates
A7   Qatar
A9   Bahrain
AP   Pakistan
B   China
BS7   Scarborough Reef
BU-BX   Taiwan
EP-EQ   Iran
EZ   Turkmenistan
HL, 6K-6N   Republic of Korea
HS, E2   Thailand
HZ   Saudi Arabia
JA-JS, 7J-7N   Japan
JD1   Ogasawara
OD   Lebanon
P5   DPR of Korea
S2   Bangladesh
TA-TC**   Turkey
UA-UI-8,9,0   Asiatic Russia
VR   Hong Kong
VU   India
VU4   Andaman & Nicobar Is
VU7   Lakshadweep Is
XU   Cambodia
XY-XZ   Myanmar
YI   Iraq
YK   Syria
ZC4   UK Sov. Base Areas